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Can beauty products create the ultimate scent of summer?

The ultimate smell of summer can be summed up in three simple ways for me – fresh cut grass, barbecues and coconut. Thanks to the lovely people at YesTo, I was able to get my fill of all three in just one evening.

YesTo is a ‘natural’ beauty products brand from the US. To introduce some new ranges, they invited Style & Then Some to a try a few products at a launch event in Hyde Park’s venue, The Lookout. And so, surrounded by fresh grassy fields, YesTo shared with us its new coconut oil range of products while we enjoyed a hearty barbecue. My honker was in heaven.

The scent of summer: perfectly encapsulated, and blissfully wafting around me. YesTo does everything from moisturiser and body scrubs to hair care and cleansers. Everything contains fruit and vegetable formulas, that are apparently 95% natural or more. This made the theming of the launch party look like one of those oversized edible hats piled high with harvest from both field and forest – in a really delightful way. Left and right we were faced with indoor trees and stacks of carrots, bananas, blueberries, grapefruit… you get the picture (pretty sure I got my five-a-day via visual consumption). The mixologist behind the cocktail bar had coconut shells filled with creamy pina coladas, which we supped as we navigated our way through the exhibition of lotions and potions. And at the end, a bountiful feast of burgers, chicken skewers, salads and s’mores.

Since the event I have managed to try quite a few of the products. I must say, I have never put much stock into ‘natural’ products. What does it mean? Is the fruit blended up? Are they grown organically or are they pumped with pesticides? Does ‘natural’ mean ‘better’? Cotton is natural, but it’s a serial offender in environmental criminality, consuming vast amounts of water and treated with toxic chemicals. And is a ‘natural’ product better for your skin than products derived from man-made substances? They’re all tested, aren’t they? Maybe this is just me; I don’t have all the answers, and maybe it’s time I investigated.

But for now, what I can say about the YesTo stuff, is that they all smell a-mazeballs. The grapefruit body wash is a real zinger during a morning shower – perfect if you’re still pretty much asleep (which, I invariably am). I’m a sucker for coconut in beauty ranges, and the body lotion spray makes my skin smell like the Caribbean (literally, give me a coconut and I see sunshine and hear Bob Marley – it’s glorious). The carrot shampoo and conditioner are also surprisingly lovely – they have a really fresh scent, rather than the cooked carrot aroma you’d imagine on the side of a roast dinner.

The YesTo range is available at high street places like Boots and Waitrose, which is a good thing, because even if the British weather can’t be relied upon to make me feel summery, at least a slathering of coconut moisturiser will help me imagine it.

YesTo 1

Launching a natural beauty range? Pop them in a bathtub with a load of fruit and veg… naturally!

YesTo 2

The new coconut oil range

YesTo 3

A true US barbecue with burgers and s’mores


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