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In Defence of Kim Kardashian West

As I write this, Kim K is in the UK, supporting her husband Kanye headlining Glastonbury. Like him, she divides opinion, and there’s a fair amount of vitriol towards her and her reality-famous family. But nevertheless, stories about her dominate magazines and websites, her pictures are the most liked on Instagram (at present, she stands at 37.4 million followers) and the world continues to watch the Family West’s every move. Here’s why I am Team Kim.

Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West, wedding

1. She’s a celebrity of the people.
This is essentially the main reason. Over and over again, we hear actors, singers and general famouses bemoan their fame. Leaving restaurants with hoods up, denying devoted fans selfies, refusing to talk about their relationships in interviews (the classic ‘I’d rather keep my private life private’) all because they just want to act, or sing, or be on TV. The fame is just an unfortunate by-product of their otherwise honourable entertainment vocation, that also happens to pay them millions every year. Not Kim K; she knows her popularity is solely and completely reliant on interacting with her fans, so she does. She answers questions about her infamous 72-day marriage, about infertility, about her stepfather’s gender reassignment. She poses for selfie after selfie, never hiding, never withholding the information everyone wants to know, and she splashes the cash she earns like we all imagine we would if we had as much. In some ways, she’s the most honest celebrity of all of ’em.

2. She is queen of the makeover.
…or rather makeunder. Just like all of us, she looked a bit shit when she was younger. Her taste was questionable, she over-applied cosmetic products and there are everlasting photos as testament to her time before the stylist. Now however, she’s refreshingly upfront about her change of style (with Kanye’s guidance). She admits to a bit of help with fillers and killer contouring, she makes fun of her former self and bleaches her hair if she wants to, even if it doesn’t actually look that good.

3. She didn’t have the ideal pregnancy.
This makes me happy in all kinds of ways. As inspirational and admirable as Gisele, Miranda and Doutzen are with their natural births, ultra toned immediate post-baby bodies and earth mother vibe, it was – and is – genuinely refreshing to see someone as high-profile as Kim have trouble with babies. She did balloon with North, and boy did she cry about it on KUWTK. She posted pictures of her swollen feet in tiny designer stilettos, struggled to fit into any clothes and told the world she just wanted to stay at home for the whole nine months. She was honest about how hard pregnancy can be, and that helps.

4. She is genuinely funny on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
If you’ve ever watched this show, there is something about Kim. She’s strangely hypnotic on screen, more so than any of the other siblings, partly because of her incredibly symmetrical face and slightly cyborg expression. But beyond that, she does really have a sense of humour and seems to be genuinely close to her sisters. I didn’t expect to actually like the woman, but I did.

5. She’s an accidental feminist icon.
Now hear me out on this one. We’re all aware of the circumstances in which she gained notoriety. But now, years later, she’s successfully manoeuvred herself away from that notoriety, earning colossal amounts of wealth, popularity, magazine covers, FROW tickets and all thanks to her (and her mother’s) savvy business sense. The men and marriages have come and gone and Kim Kardashian remains. She’s embraced her unusual body shape, flaunts it, even makes a best-selling book the love of her own appearance. She’s learnt how to make the best of herself, and make the best of a bad situation, and emerge self-sufficient.

Good on you, Kim.

Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West, Selfish book cover 2015

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