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Work it three ways: dresses over trousers


Enter a cap All Saint’s Shaznay Lewis loving the ‘skousers’ look circa 1998

Ah the Nineties, remember how great they were? Everyone had a crazy braid, pre-break down Britney was still topping the charts nd Sabrina the teenage witch was the coolest thing on TV. And who could forget the fashion? Butterfly hair clips, Sketchers, pedal pushers and skirts over trousers – it was, in hindsight, HORRIFYING. Fashion trends however, have a funny way of reinventing themselves and it turns out I’m actually quite fond of one of the worst of the pre-millennium looks…

When I saw that wearing dresses over trousers genuinely seemed to be a THING again I decided to give it a go, and lo and behold my experiment paid off – I am a total convert to this nineties revival. I am particularly in love with this trend as my bum is my least favourite area. I don’t have a well-rounded, peachy behind, but what I call –an English ass – flat, shapeless and disproportionately wide. Anything which covers, complements, or disguises, my sizable-in-all-the-wrong-directions booty is a winner for me. The dress over trousers look has opened my eyes to a whole new way of dressing.

With just two go-to black dresses, a pair of skinny jeans (H&M, £22), and a fail-safe pair of Chelsea boots (H&M, £24.99) I set off into the sartorial unknown. Here is how I did it…


Hi, my name’s Anna and I have a giant right hand.

Look one: A long overdue catch up with old Uni friends and my first Christmas dinner of the season. I layered a black dress over a simple roll neck. Perfect for the pub and the loose top layer worked brilliantly at disguising the inevitable bloat after roast potato number twelve.  This baby doll dress from American Apparel is very easy to wear but does have the tendency to make you like a circus tent if you don’t pay attention to volume elsewhere.


Poor lighting courtesy of my broken lamp

Look two: Back in 1995 my sister loved wearing a tight white tee under a black, strappy dress. I created an updated version for 2015 with a fitted LBD layered over a grey stripy cropped t-shirt. The dress is nipped in at the waist to keep the shape tidy. My Oh My Love dress is no longer available but the one below is similar. I also smartened the look up with a black blazer for a meeting (Forever 21, £15.40).


Look three: I went straight to a bar to meet friends after my meeting and so simply whipped off the t-shirt for my final dress over trousers outfit. Mine’s a Margarita!

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