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What’s the deal with Villoid?

Perennial gamine it-girl Alexa Chung has been branching out of late. Roving reporter for Vogue magazine, celebrity girlfriend (if the Daily Mail is to be believed) and as of September 2015, mobile app mogul.


There’s something in the air these days, about the whole ‘Girls Can Code’ movement, that’s seeing more and more women in fashion revealing themselves as more than just clothes horses – and moving into the tech space is proving popular. It could be to do with technology manifesting as the new intelligence of our time; regardless, Alexa Chung has hitched her well-dressed wagon to the future of fashion online with Villoid.

Many of us will have coveted the outfit planner Cher Horowitz had on her computer in Clueless; ah, the ability to plan for an event and try out ensembles without actually trying on ensembles! The dream! And essentially, this is what Villoid is. You create boards, much like Pinterest, which usually (but not exclusively) feature an inspiration picture (usually a way-back-when style icon like Patti Smith, Jane Birkin etc) with the rest of the space on the board featuring pictures of imitation clothes so you can ‘get the look’. The (three) times I’ve bothered to do it, I’ve used it to plan actual outfits as opposed to dreaming about what I could look like, but other people use it to plan their wedding, their red carpet, their baby’s clothes. Interestingly, Villoid reveals just how much headspace we actually devote to outfit planning.

If you haven’t downloaded Villoid already, a few things to note:

  • It’s buggy.
    There are a few techno-kinks that remain, and given its relative newness, we can forgive that. Although according to the Instagram for Villoid, this is a pretty common complaint and is reaaaally annoying mid-board to lose it all. Bah.
  • It’s social.
    I had every intention of using Villoid, but in order to save your boards, you have to share. To share is to open your ideas up to judgement and hey guess what, it’s quantifiable; as with other social media platforms, you can get likes, shares and hopefully enter the Villoid hierarchy attracting the attention of Chung herself. Now I don’t know about you, but one thing I don’t need more of is the anxiety of posting stuff and it sinking without a trace. Zero likes cuts deep.
  • It’s nice, apparently.
    So I haven’t made waves on Villoid, mainly because of the above features. However, those that have, have remarked on an unusual social media phenomenon – no trolls. Yep, no cussing, no ‘you need to go eat a burger #anorexic’, no strange men saying explicit things in frankly poor grammatical English. Villoid is a veritable nirvana of support.


So there you have it – I’m not entirely convinced it’s an app for the ages, but it is strangely addictive, and in some ways useful. And if you’ve forgotten just how lucrative dressing well is, take a look at The Chung herself. If she can do it…

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