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Monthly Archives: February, 2016

Are we all getting tired of Fashion Weeks?

There was a time that I followed the relentless biannual cycle of fashion weeks like my life depended on it. And whilst my Instagram feed is still abuzz with blurry … Continue reading

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Drunch. The Boozy Brunch hits the Big Smoke.

Last year I spent all my weekends and every cent of my paltry intern’s salary ‘drunching’ – aka drunk brunching – in the Big Apple. Big, boozy brunches are huge … Continue reading

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It’s 5 o’clock in…Cecil’s

I’m a sucker for a tucked-away bar. A hidden gem. But you know the sort I’m talking about…it often means you have to schlep miles, but you convince yourself it’s … Continue reading

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Do you masturdate?

Hello my name’s Anna and I like to masturdate. What? Yes, you read that wrong I said I like mastur-date. as in the verb to masturdate e.g. going out alone … Continue reading

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Ever-soaring property market forced you into a home of Sylvanian-family proportions? Me too. Here’s how I’m styling it out…

“World! I’ve bought a flat and finally made it onto the London property ladder!” I (metaphorically) cry from my building’s rooftop, jumping about like a loon, fist-pumping the air and … Continue reading

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Why can’t we get rid of clothes we never wear?

Everyone has a few items of clothing in their wardrobe – mistakes some people might call them – things you pined after for ages, or just fell in love with … Continue reading

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