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Why can’t we get rid of clothes we never wear?

Only ten of these items have ever left the flat – can you guess which ones?

Everyone has a few items of clothing in their wardrobe – mistakes some people might call them – things you pined after for ages, or just fell in love with on the spot but then never actually wore.

Do you know the kind of thing I mean? It’s something you know is probably not really ‘you’, but you go ahead and buy it, and then realise your common sense was right and it never again leaves your wardrobe, let alone your house. Mine include a pair of dungaree shorts, shiny leopard print harem pants, and a backless bodycon dress.

But do you every actually get rid of these forgotten fashions?

Not a chance. Primarily because it’s impossible to tell the different between an item which you adore and will wear and one which you just want to have, probably just to look at, or maybe so that no-one else can get their mitts on it?

I once read that women only wear twenty percent of their wardrobes. The rest is either for special occasions, doesn’t fit, or they feel too much guilt to throw it away. I have a feeling that the current apple of my fashion eye is part of the unlucky eighty percent that I will never touch.

Currently I am pining after the foil, purple pleated midi skirt from Topshop. It’s very Gucci, I love the colour but, really, I am broke and I can’t think of a time when I would actually wear it. However, I see it as something to aspire to. I know that other, more sophisticated people would wear it. I know that more likely I will put trainers on, my favourite black jeans and not wear my beautiful skirt – and yet, I am obsessed. I think about it constantly. I have dreams about it.

Usually, I justify spending a lot of money on something by how many wears I will get out of it. A coat, I will wear to death, the same with boots and trainers. What I am getting out of this metallic number is approximately two wears and two years of wardrobe space – that’s probably not worth sixty pounds. I know that once the thrill of the chase is over reality will set in. I fear I am being swept up in the moment, will I actually wear it? Does it matter? There’s only one way to find out…


One comment on “Why can’t we get rid of clothes we never wear?

  1. Cat
    February 2, 2016

    Loved this post! I went to a talk about sustainable fashion once and Livia Firth was a speaker – she advocates that you have to know you’ll wear something at least 30 times before you buy it… she’d be horrified at my wardrobe! But I’ve been trying to take her advice recently. x

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