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Do you masturdate?

Hello my name’s Anna and I like to masturdate.

What? Yes, you read that wrong I said I like mastur-date. as in the verb to masturdate e.g. going out alone to a movie or a restaurant.

I used to be the sort of person who could barely eat a sandwich by myself let alone go to the bloody cinema without feeling like a loser. Then last year I moved to New York for a year – all by myself. I started doing a lot of things by myself and was surprised to find that rarely did I feel alone. I went to the ballet, a pilates class, a gallery and a book club sans mates. Sometimes I chatted to strangers and sometimes I didn’t. It was wonderful. I had interesting conversations with people I would have never spoken to had I been with a friend.

Of course there were times when I felt a bit lonely or that it would have been nice to share the moment with someone. My me–dates were not that frequent though and more often than not I went out with friends. Enjoying spending time on my own in public was a revelation to me. It was refreshing being by myself and doing a nice thing, just because.

I would advise everyone to do the same. Whether it’s because your friends can’t make it (or aren’t interested) or you just want to experience something by yourself – do it.

Not sure where to start? Here are seven ideas for excellent me-myself-and-I-dates…

  1. Pottery class/unusual hobby. Don’t wait for a friend to be free for that life drawing/trapeze/sewing class – just sign up and go.
  2. A picturesque spot to have a glass of wine or a coffee. I love South Bank in London for this kind of thing. Sitting outside the BFI, or at National Theatre, anywhere by the riverside really looking out at the sludgy grey Thames. It’s not Paris but you will feel a little chic.
  3. A gallery. Perfect to do on your lonesome as do you really talk much at them anyway? Spend ages reading everything and hours looking at postcards because no-one is waiting for you.
  4. Shopping. A no-brainer for me. I love to shop alone simply because I am too annoying and indecisive to shop with company.
  5. Theatre/cinema/ballet. Depending on the show this is a lovely thing to do on your tod. I went to the ballet before Christmas and ended up making friends with the sweet, old lady I was sat next to. I almost didn’t go because no-one else could make it, but I’m so glad I did.
  6. Book club. I only managed to go one session and I hadn’t read the book – BUT! I did enjoy the discussion and if I had been able to I would have loved to have gone back. I also got a flyer for a topless book club while I was there (exactly how it sounds) but unfortunately never made it that either.

Happy masturdating!


Having a whale of a time – if Audrey can, so can you.

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