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Drunch. The Boozy Brunch hits the Big Smoke.

Mimosa Me

Last year I spent all my weekends and every cent of my paltry intern’s salary ‘drunching’ – aka drunk brunching – in the Big Apple. Big, boozy brunches are huge in New York and they can be pretty intense.

My first ever brunch started at two in the afternoon in essentially a day time club complete with bouncers checking bags, PUMPING SPEAKERS, dudes in sunglasses and ladies in their underwear dancing on tables. It was too loud to hear my new flatmate sitting next to me and my idea of what constitutes brunch (usually something I did with my mum on her birthday) was truly changed forever.

When I came back to Blighty I was pleased to see that bottomless brunches are truly a thing here too and I decided to do some research. Last weekend I tried Forge & Co on Shoreditch High Street. It was good. The vibe was relaxed, the waiter was very attentive at topping up my prosecco, and they were playing some classic old school tunes (The Backstreet Boys, Sum 41, you know the drill). Unfortunately the food wasn’t top notch.  The toast was burnt and there was an inedible black pudding however our aim was to make the most of the bottomless glass of Prosecco not the sourdough bread so we still enjoyed ourselves. A bonus of the location is that there are plenty of bars around where it feels acceptable to order a Margarita at 3.30 in the afternoon.

I feel there is more work to be done and have compiled the following list of places to try. The good, the bad, the dirty and the sing-a-long brunches which all come Time Out recommended.  I encourage you try them too as spending six hours with friends eating and drinking is a lot of fun. Remember that any meal eaten before 6pm on a Saturday or Sunday can reasonably be defined as brunch. Yes you can have breakfast foods all day (the dream). At Dirty Bones you can even have a bowl of Frosties (ahem with panna cotta – of course!).

For brunches you can sing-a-long to try

Hip hop brunch – Southern soul food cooking followed by hip hop karaoke across various locations in London. You will need to book ahead.

Bunga Bunga – the legendary Battersea Silvio Berlusconi-inspired restaurant has been running the brunch special for years and comes with karaoke and drag queens.

Good Egg – Stoke Newington’s finest has a fabulous Mediterranean inspired menu and is very popular with foodies.

Bad Egg – a hot dogs and bloody Mary’s kind of vibe.

Dirty Bones –  lotsa booze, mac n cheese in your hot dog and peanut-butter-cup ice cream. Not for the faint-hearted.

Sunday brunch at Paternoster Chop House – A boozy afternoon with some delectable meats on offer.

3 South Place Hotel – dress up to the nines, arrive with an empty stomach and be prepared to be drowned in bubbles.

The Botanist – good location in Spitalfields with a classic brunch menu and a classy vibe.


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