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15 Things Every Woman Should Have

Bag spill


The phenomenon of ‘oops bag spill’ images which is currently sweeping across Instagram has led to lots of discussion about what we carry around (or wish we did), including Leandra ‘ManRepeller’ Medine’s blog post for Harpers Bazaar on ’15 things that every woman should have’, a list which includes red lipstick, a trench coat and, wonderfully, ‘A pair of balls that belonged to a man who didn’t deserve to keep them’.  Inspired by Medine, I’ve compiled my own list of things I think every female should (ideally) be in possession of.

  1. A decent black dress (little or not little). Just. so. practical.

2. A good pair of tweezers. Tame brows, clean bikini lines

3. Sporks in your handbag. Admittedly I borrow this one from Medine. Eating coleslaw with a rolled up train timetable is not hygenic or a good idea.

4. A hairdresser you trust. Hair makes me (and I believe everyone else) very emotional when it goes wrong. It’s worth sticking with a good one.

5. A good pair of black trousers (usually jeans).

6. A leather jacket – I honestly can’t find something which one won’t go with.

7. A good umbrella (and the wits to keep hold of it).

8. Empathy.

9. Basic knowledge of how to stitch (I don’t and wish I had this)

10. Good gym wear. It’s just so much more pleasant working out when you’re not wearing ten year old P.E. kit (part of the reason I like to work out alone).

11. Sequins (in some form).

12. Red lipstick.

13. A good mascara.

14. A pair of sunglasses that suit your face.

15. A signature dance move.


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