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It’s 6 o’clock in… the John Snow

No, not the ‘you know nothing Jon Snow’ Jon Snow. Nor the crazy tie-wearing, Channel 4 news anchor, John Snow. It’s the John Snow pub; an anonymous looking watering hole named after a doctor who traced the cholera outbreak in London. But name origins aside, me and the work colleagues are well and truly caught up in the world of Game of Thrones, and where better to make a weird Friday pilgrimage than this aptly named Soho boozer to mark the return of the epic series?

(This John Snow… 


not that Jon Snow…)


Being based in South London, we have a couple of go-to places to get together after work. Somewhere between the office and the train station. Nowhere too adventurous. Just somewhere relaxed enough to feel like a pit-stop and buzzy enough to feel like we really have left the office. It was with heavy feet then (and one cry of, “can’t we go somewhere closer?”) that we drag ourselves across the river into Soho, in the rain, to frequent a bar, purely because of its name. But with GoT season six to celebrate, really, there was no other option.

So it came as more than a pleasant surprise that the John Snow pub actually ticked all our usual boxes. It’s on the corner of Broadwick and Lexington Streets, far up enough that it appeared only to serve the creative, filmy, beardy types that work probably within a hundred-metre radius. The John Snow is a beautiful and traditional London saloon pub, with frosted windows, dark wood, stained glass and touches of emerald green within the interior. Inside it is fairly small, and split into three sections by dark, shiny wooden walls – which isn’t really an interesting fact, aside from the fact that one doorway was fairly standard, yet the other was half-size… perhaps for hobbits we thought.

You can dine upstairs at the John Snow, but our night was already pre-determined. We were there for a few drinks, but most importantly, to host our very own GoT quiz evening. But pilgrimage or no, you would easily find me at the John Snow again. It’s one of those all-rounder no-pressure pubs; perfect after work, ideal for groups of mates, and great for an informal first date.

The John Snow pub


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