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Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate Blake Lively nowadays

She may not be the world’s best actress, and that Preserve website venture didn’t go so well. But hell, the woman can dress.

In the spirit of women supporting women, I think it’s time to congratulate B Lively on her sartorial game. Sure, she’ll have stylists aplenty and her L’Oreal team primping every last eyelash, but still, I think it’s refreshing to have an actress that likes cameras, likes fancy dresses, doesn’t choose conventional options and still kills it time and time again. That’s who I’d like to be too.

She really came into her own, bizarrely, when she was pregnant. If anything, her style became more adventurous to keep up with her changing body. Even the hounds that prowl the Daily Mail comments section could not fault her maternity style (or any style thereafter). Over the knee boots! Gowns with plunging necklines! Higher heels than I’ve ever worn in my life! She broke almost every maternity dressing convention, and even if you wouldn’t wear it yourself, she carried it off with such overwhelming confidence and pride you didn’t care. She knows that ultra-feminine looks work best for her; she isn’t waif-like or angular, nor does she pout or smoulder. She grins like she’s having a great time, and with baby number two apparently on the way, I’m looking forward to seeing her next trick.

Take a look at some greatest hits:



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