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Five of the Best: Raincoats

As if Brexit wasn’t enough reason to want to leave the country, the weather has turned unbearably crap. Now don’t get me wrong, I actually love thunderstorms. The lightning; proper rain (drizzle can do one), wellie boots, and wet winter walks. I’m a fan of them all. What I’m not a fan of is being unprepared for rainy conditions. I hate rubbish umbrellas, inappropriate footwear, and below par raincoats. I also don’t like the fact that my new silk bomber will never look the same now that it has been through a torrential downpour.

Instead of another bomber (I think four is possibly enough), I decided to try another style light jacket. My first thought was a parka, but then, I started to notice many (usually yellow) raincoats, and I loved them, all of them. Raincoats have given me a reason to feel cheerful, even though it does hurt a little that I’m writing about raincoats in late June. The colours and the fact that they remind of being a kid, make me feel terribly jolly despite the incessant rain. So, in celebration of the Great British summer, here are five of the best raincoats out there…



A very un-mellow yellow, and my favourite, Topshop £55


Might seem steep, but these babies are durable, Petit Bateau, £132


Made for glasto – disco raingear. Just add cider,  ASOS, £45


Every little bit of this jacket will cheer you up, F&F Tesco, £25


The raincoat for grownups, Zara, £29.99

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