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AW Key Trend: Camo

I’m done with summer really. I mean, in Britain, it never amounts to much anyway but I am done with arriving to work sweaty and harassed in a rubbish outfit that was picked solely to minimise said sweat. Give me coats, hats, scarves! And give them to me in camo.*

I was not sold until recently. I remember all too clearly the tailored khaki blazer I got from Tammy Girl circa 2004 and how I loved it then. By today’s standards it was heinous, and as much I can get on board with this slip-dress-clad 90s revival we’re all experiencing, I draw the line at that blazer. But then I saw this picture of Lily Aldridge totally nailing the camouflage thing and I thought to myself, it may be time to rethink khaki.

Lily Aldrige

Like all good purchases, you have to mentally think through your wardrobe to make sure it works with a high enough proportion of your existing clothes. And then I realised that a camo jacket goes with every damn thing (almost). Pretty little white summer dresses, night-out fun dresses, jeans and t-shirts – everything! Just make it oversized (never tailored, hell), simple (none of your fancy badges, else you’re heading to Tammy Girl territory) and not too obvious (maybe don’t pair it with grungy army boots, for fear you may resemble an angsty teen).

Here’s my pick o’ the high street (you can nick from the menswear section too):


*Maybe not the hat.

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