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5 of the best swimsuits

Marilyn Monroe + bathing suit + Long Island 3

The swimming costume is back, and we’re all slightly bored of seeing Kim Kardashian’s ass. The despicable forced undressing of women wearing burkinis on the beaches of the French Riviera has triggered criticism far and wide. It seems so especially bizarre at this time, when, if anything, covering up has never been more prolific.

Burkinis have sold out in M&S, and sales of swimsuits were through the roof this summer. The high street has been awash (LOL) with great one-pieces. British women’s bodies on beaches and poolside this summer have sported swimming costumes like the sixties never happened. But are we bothered the bikini’s taken a back seat? I for one am not. Not one itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny polka dot concerned. They don’t do my bum, midriff or boobs any favours, they are prone to falling off, and/or allowing popping out and well, yawn. They’re over.

I’ve decided to invest in two items of swimwear, one for the gym and one for the beach. Sports Direct is fantastic, and cheap for gym kits and gym-worthy swimming costumes. Purely for utility, I’ll be sporting this sexy Speedo number at my local pool. And for my pretty number, I’m pushing the boat out, with this monotone dream from Hunza G. £100 worth of genuine lycra, hello eighties! I’ll be wearing on a hen-do in Ibiza next year and I hope to feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (minus the profession).

So, if you’re still on the fence about taking the plunge with a swimming costume, have a gander at these. I’m sure you’ll be in there like swimwear (sorry not sorry). It might be late in the season, but there’s still some gems out there, and better yet, on sale.


She must be thinking about her old bikini…

A steal from ASOS, £18

Orlebar Brown

The ‘Dakota’. A nightmare for tanning, but who cares.

Olebar Brown, from the OUTNET, £64.75


Unleash this beast with a pair of denim shorts, and a crisp, white trainer.

Leopard print swimsuit, Topshop £30


Why would we need a squad Taylor, when we’ve got the ‘Malibu’

US Flag Tank one-peice ‘Malibu ‘ Swimsuit, American Apparel £40


This is not just swimwear, this is M&S swimwear…

Halterneck striped swimsuit, M &S £19.50

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