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It’s 6 o’clock in… Flight Club

It seems it’s not enough just to go for a drink in London anymore. Us Londoners are addicted to trying something new and we’ve got an emerging wave of pubs and bars with a side of things like crazy golf, ball pits, ping pong, table football, board games, not to mention good old fashioned bowling. And now, there’s Flight Club.


Call a pub ‘Flight Club’ and it usually makes people think they’ve misheard you, that you’ve been to some gritty underground bare-knuckle fighting ring. But it’s nothing to do with Brad Pitt, it’s actually a bloody good fun darts pub, with ‘flight’ being a part of the darts lingo that I never thought in all my life I would need to know.

Whatever image you might have of darts (men with mullets, women with mullets, that TV show from the 80s), this place isn’t it. Flight Club calls itself ‘the home of social darts’, but it’s way better than that suggests. For one, its weekend brunch comes with a bottle of prosecco per person, unlimited pizza, and is accompanied by a DJ spinning tracks you want to dance to. Darts or no darts, this alone was enough to get me excited.

The best way to experience Flight Club is by gathering a group of you to play. Or take a date if you’re feeling creative and they’re worth it. You’ll get a booth with a digital dart board and the option to play a variety of games. Take a selfie on the monitor, and when it’s your turn, your lovely face will be displayed on the big screen inviting you to the oche (that’s dart speak for the bit where you stand to throw… and you can learn a heap more phrases here… you’re welcome).

What’s brilliant about darts is that once you’ve chucked the darts and missed the board entirely for the first few goes, you do get a little bit better each time. There are convenient little floor markers to tell you where to stand if you’re a rookie or a pro, and you soon get used to your own aim; so while you might not be scoring that coveted one-hundred-and-eightyyyyy (go on, shout it out loud), you do get occasional flutters of pride when you aim and hit the panel that scores you the big 20 points, and even better when you accidentally-or-on-purpose score with the little double or even the triple 20. Plus, it’s not like bowling or ice skating where inevitably someone spent their whole childhood getting good. Who’s good at darts? This means your group will probably be roughly on a level playing field and there’s enjoyment all round. I’ve been twice to Flight Club now and I even topped our leaderboard once – she who last picked up a dart aged five at an uncle’s house and with no aim whatsoever wasn’t allowed to play again.


Evidence! #winningatdarts

The two-hour brunch is £35 per person at the weekend while during the week you pay by the hour to use the dart boards. Flight Club is also a pretty stylish pub convenient for the City and Shoreditch with plenty of seating just to hang out. There’s a very decent food menu and an inventive well thought-through cocktail list with signature shots that include In One and Bounce Out… darts terms for when you get 180 points in one throw of your three darts and for when a dart bounces off the board (again, you’re welcome).

Have you been to Flight Club? Tempted to go? Found any other weird and wonderful pubs in London? Let us know!


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