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Five of the best: Puffer Jackets

When I was at school, there were the ‘Barries’ and the ‘Shazzers’. This was our name for the intimidating, B+H Gold smoking, sexually active teenagers who would probably still terrify me now. I was (or thought I was) a bit of ‘Shazzer’ myself for a couple of years. The ‘Shazzers’ wore too much eye liner, scraped their hair back into pony tails and, wore puffer jackets. I had a ‘FCUK’ baseball cap, wore a lot of orange foundation and smoked Mayfairs – however, I never had a puffer. Despite this unavoidable association I have with puffers and B + H Gold smoking people who wear too much eyeliner – this winter I really, really want a puffer jacket.

As luck would have it puffer jackets are having a revival. In some parts of the country they have even inspired their own Instagram accounts. At Leeds University the @thatpuffa account archives sightings of the ubiquitous green puffer jacket from Urban Outfitters.

It’s not just Urban who has jumped on this trend, the high street is bursting with Michelin-man style puffers. From the practical, to the gangster, to the spaceman, there is a puffy coat for every occasion. Even Regina George’s shiny pastel pink puffer, (from that scene when she finds out that ‘kalteen’ bars are riddled with calories) is available in Topshop. ‘So fetch’ you might say.

I couldn’t be more pleased that this winter warmer is widely available and so here are my top five puffer jackets… this one’s for you Shazzer.



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