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Workwear in a heatwave

I’ve always worked in creative industries and therefore I’ve never really had to commit to a ‘work wardrobe’. Increasingly it seems fewer and fewer people do as dress codes have relaxed and employees see the value of t-shirt wearing instead of a stuffy suit. There are limits however and I for one am always struggling with where they are. Can you wear open toes? Can you get your shoulders out? When are bare legs ok? Are spaghetti straps acceptable? I’ve never felt comfortable in a strappy top or anything even an inch above the knee. I’ve also put on half a stone and am in the worst shape I’ve been in for five years. So with July and August ahead of us and heatwaves on the horizon, hot weather dressing is filling me with even more dread than normal.

I’ve written before about how I hate dressing for summer – and even more of a minefield is dressing for work in summer (particularly when it’s scorching). I’ve invested in some decent closed toe shoes, funky trousers, a work-appropriate dress, and many Zara tops… in fact if Carlsberg made summer work wear, it would probably look like the interior of Zara.

So here’s what I’m eyeing up for a summer of sweltering sunshine while I try my hardest not to cover up and wear black.


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