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Jumping on the BandWagon

New self-promotion platform BandWagonGigs promises to ‘makes booking gigs easy.’ Is this the future of the music industry?

It is no secret that the music industry is facing a modern-day crisis.  With major record labels ready to scam hard-working musicians mercilessly out of their earnings, through dodgy contracts and high percentage fees (S Club 7 really should have been more careful), it is no wonder that musicians are looking to other outlets to self-promote and take charge of their own acts rather than leaving it to a manager who makes them feel ‘grateful’ to have them.  Thus, with the steady growth of self-promotion through social networking sites such as the virtually deceased Myspace (the Arctic Monkeys used it to their advantage brilliantly), a band no longer needs the ‘all-important’ contract to break in to the mainstream.  Could this end up leaving the major labels up the creek without a paddle?

band wagon gigs promotors unsigned bands how to get signed musicians acts uk music scene

And with new internet services such as giving musicians the opportunity to sign up to a platform in which they can self-promote and manage their acts all in one place, it looks like the industry is to once again set to become ‘all about the music.’

band wagon how to sign bands unsigned bands unsigned acts promotors music idustry

BandWagon offers musicians as well as promoters the chance to sign up FOR FREE until 2012, with the ability to search for gigs/bands in particular areas of the country, create profiles, add music demos, manage bookings as well as building professional relationships with each other by contributing to a ‘ratings’ scale something which can be invaluable when dealing with difficult individuals.

With a subscription fee due to take place in 2012, there really is nothing to lose and everything to gain for emerging artists who wish to sign up free of charge now.  With the aim to ‘ improve communication between bands and promoters by providing the necessary platform to seek, communicate and satisfy the thriving live music scene’, BandWagon looks set to help support the UK’s live music industry which contributes £1 billion to our economy every year.



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