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What is Style & Then Some all about?

Essentially, it’s a fashion blog. An outlet for all the stylish outpourings of a team of six writers. If it’s aesthetically pleasing and/or interesting to us you’ll find it in the Style category. But even we can’t exist on a diet of fashion alone, so we’re casting our nets wider to fill the And Then Some category with news, opinions, food, films and things to do in London and beyond (that’s where most of us live). Get it? It’s style…and then some.

Who are we?

We are Helen, Katie, Sophie, Jo and Katy five twenty-something girls, united by a love of fashion and writing, and a distaste for fashion clichés and ‘churnalism’. With several years fashion blogging experience between us, and a good few seasons at London Fashion Week under our belts, we joined forces in 2011 to form a style-savvy blogging team.

Want to contact us?

If you have any comments or want to write/take photos/style/illustrate for S&TS, try us here:


Twitter: @Style_thensome

Facebook: Style and Then Some fan page

KatieKatie | Editor

Katie has two day jobs: she’s a retail head office 9-to-5er and a features writer at the Press Association, plus she’s a freelance fashion writer on the side. You’ll usually find her in East London on weekends, dancing to electropop in Dalston or hunting through charity shops looking for vintage treasures.

Follow @BlondeKatie on Twitter | Read all of Katie’s posts on Style and then some

Helen Coakley photo Helen Coakley Style and then some Helen Coakley 2011

Helen | Writer

Helen Coakley considers herself a fledgling in the fashion scene, trying to make her dent in the industry by working in trend forecasting by day and pouring her thoughts into written form at night.  Having lived and loved the North, she currently resides back where she grew up, in the heart of Essex, and works in central London. Oh, and she LOVES Louis Theroux.

Follow @Helencoakley on Twitter | Read all of Helen’s posts on Style and then some

Sophie Charara photo Sophie Charara Style and then some Sophie Charara 2011

Sophie | Writer

By her own admission, Sophie is a geek through and through. To avoid people thinking she’s too much of a boy, she insists on never wearing trousers.

Read all of Sophie’s posts on Style and then some


Joanna | Writer

Joanna has worked at numerous fashion head offices both in London and abroad and loves all things fashion and beauty, boring anyone who’ll listen about a new skincare find.  Starting out as a buyer has made her handy with a spreadsheet and knowledgeable about import logistics, however has now crossed over into editorial to pursue her love of writing.

Follow @Joanna_Knowles on Twitter | Read all of Jo’s posts on Style and then some

katy spry

Katy | Writer

Based in Aberdeen, Katy joined the S&TS team after she attended the same London College of Fashion journalism short course as Katie and Jo. Originally a fashion design graduate, Katy interned at Richard Nicholl’s design studio before deciding that she preferred writing about clothes to making them.

Read all of Katy’s posts on Style and then some


Olivia | Writer

A recent graduate, Olivia hails from the Midlands but has her sights firmly set on the bright lights of London. Her spare time is spent scrapbooking from fashion magazines for style inspiration, making ill-advised haircut choices and buying shoes she’s too afraid to wear.

Read all of Olivia’s posts on Style and then some



Our fantastic (even if we say so ourselves) logo was designed by Natalie Vosloo. Visit Natalie’s website or her blog.


7 comments on “About

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  3. Tola
    January 6, 2012

    Why have I only just discovered this blog?! Love it! Thanks Gorkana 😉

    • blondekatie
      January 9, 2012

      Really glad you like it Tola, thanks for reading!

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