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Flash or Trash? The opinion dividing ‘White manicure’

I’m not one of these super groomed women who can keep their nails chip-free until their next salon appointment.  Hell, I actually tend to repaint mine on the train, shock horror.  And I believe I’ve only had my nails done professionally once in my life.  But, for some inexplicable reason, my inner Barbie is becoming increasingly drawn to what appears to be the new micro-trend of  an all-over white manicure. 

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Scarlett Johansson white nails Scarlett Johansson beauty tips Scarlett Johansson white manicure celebrities white manicure white nails celebrities white nail trend white manicure trend

After last winter’s black on black French mani, seen all over the runways of Balmain and Jen Kao, are our nails destined for, dare I say it, a goth-free Summer? An oh so fresh, oh so clean inspired lacquer?  Please Gods of beauty, let it be true!  With major celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian (and also her mum Chris Jenner) already rocking the look, I must point out this trend holds a fine line between flash and utter trash.  So, if you are as intrigued by this new micro trend, here are some pointers to keep you looking a white delight:

  1. Matte is back.  Glossed over talons are a no-go.  Try OPI in Alpine Snow  or Nars Ecume Opaque shade for best results.
  2. This look is perfect for high summer, against a golden tan.
  3. Accessorise with gold.  Chunky gold jewellery will help accentuate the polish.
  4. Dark denims e.g. cute denim dresses, skinny or flared jeans etc look great against the white and help it pop.  Stone washed denim is a massive no no as always (if only SamCam could persuade David to pass this law…).
  5.   Tanned leather goods, e.g. bags and sandals will complement the look further.

white manicure all over white manicure white matte nails nail trends 2012 denim and white nails

Despite the more imminent nail trend brewing at the moment, of which I thoroughly blame the likes of Rihanna and Lana Del Rey, I believe the white manicure looks a damn sight better than the super pointed talons these women are popularising.  Imagine getting in a catfight with one of these ladies…ouch.

Lana Del Rey nails Lana Del Rey pointy nails 2012


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